Dai Bo is a composer and pianist from China. Born in 1988, he turned blind due to illness at the age of 6. Now Mr. Dai is pursuing two master degrees at the Beijing Central Conservatory of Music: composition with Prof. Xiaogang Ye and piano performance with Prof. Xi You.

Dai Bo's exceptional musical talent has brought him numerous awards and honors both in China and around the world. His work Charm of Beijing Opera was the selected as a designated piece of the 2010 Harbin International Accordion Competition, and achieved great success in its performance in Lithuania the following year. In 2010, he was awarded a prize from the Young Composers Project (YCP) of the Beijing Modern Music Festival. In 2012, he won a significant prize in the Singapore International Competition for Composition. In 2008, he was invited by CCTV to arrange a work for the Nation Day Concert. In 2009 he was invited by the German Radio Orchestra to arrange a work for its performances around the world and received great success. In 2010 his orchestra work Deep and Remote Mountain was successfully premiered. The following year, his commissioned orchestra work Hymn was successfully premiered at the China National Theatre by French violinist Olivier Charlier, pianist Qinling Zhou and conductor Yibing Zhu with the China Youth Chamber Orchestra. In 2012, Dai Bo was invited to participate in the Warsaw Autumn Festival in Poland in which his work Illusion Butterfly was premiered by CNM orchestra conducted by Szymon Bywalec and achieved great success.

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