Wang Hua

Guest Artist

Wang Hua


Wang Hua is a flute player and one of the founders of the Forbidden City Chamber Orchestra. He is currently the deputy director of the Chinese Music Institute and the secretary of the Chinese Musicians Association.He won the second place in the “Ninth Taipei National Instrumental Music Contest” in 2001, and was awarded the “Top Ten Young Bamboo Flute Players” by China Central Television in 2012.

Wang Hua has premiered many large bamboo flutes with famous Chinese orchestras such as the China Philharmonic Orchestra, the German Rudolstadt Orchestra and the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, including Krzystof Penderecki’s “The Eighth Symphony” and the Mo Jianer Flute Concerto “Bamboo Shadows”. Robert Zollitsch’s flute concerto “Wind Kiss Cloud” and Wang Danhong’s Flute Concerto “The Home of the Distance” and so on.

Wang Hua participated in several film and television music such as “Sword and Sword” and the album of the Forbidden City Chamber Orchestra “Meibian Four Dreams”, and cooperated with the vocalist Gong Linna on “忐忑” and other albums.Its concerts cover more than 30 countries and regions in Europe, Asia and America.His solo album “Flower and Light Shadow” won the Best Art Award in 2013 for “Fever”, and also published “Bamboo Flute, Clarinet, Bud Teaching DVD”.